A basic guide for Website knowledge

Website terms and language can get a little overwhelming and confusing if you are new to all this! Here, I have put together the basic information you may want to learn before building a website. This will give you more of an understanding of what is involved to create a website for your business or blog. 

What is a Web Server?

The world wide web allows you to access unlimited information online through using the internet. Web Servers are computers built specifically to store and share information and are always connected to the internet. When you create a website, this is where your website (along with all information within your site) is kept, allowing browsers to access it through the world wide web. 

To get your website onto a Web Server, you need to look for a Web Host. Web Hosts are companies which own and allow you to “rent” space on their Web Servers. A Web Host is pretty much the gateway to getting your website onto the internet.  

What is Web Hosting?

As mentioned above; Web Hosting, or a Web Host is a term used for a company who allows you to “rent” space on their web servers so your website can be accessed online. 

Web Hosting usually comes with a monthly or yearly fee but can start off as little as $4/month. With my experience, choosing a reliable web host should be your top priority as you don’t want to be stuck if technical issues arise. 

My recommendation is Siteground. I have been using them for years now with nothing but positive feedback. They are affordable, offer amazing customer service and have great up-time. Starting at only $4.95/mnth you can Click here to head to their website and sign up through my referral link. 

What is a Domain?

Your Domain is simply your URL. For example: www.yourbusinessname.com. 

To get a URL, you need to go through a Domain Registrar. This company does not have to be the same company you have your Web Hosting with but sometimes it can be an easier option to register with the same. 

Domain registration is an on-going yearly fee and can start as low as $15/year. If you do not have a Registered Business name yet, I highly recommend searching to see if your domain is available first. 

Important! Do not simply google your domain name, instead, go through a Domain Registrars’ website. There are scammers out there that receive information on your google search where they will then deliberately purchase your domain and try to re-sell for hundreds of dollars!