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Editing Text Content

In multiple Sections

How to edit existing text content that is on your website pages. 

Add or Replace Images

Using GIMP (free tool)

How to add or replace images on your website using a free editing tool called GIMP.

Adding Variable Products 

Products with variables

Variable products are those with different variables including T-shirts with sizes Small, Medium or Large.

Optimise Product Images

Using GIMP

Images should be optimised before adding them to your website! Click here to Download GIMP for free.

Optimise Product Images

Using Free online tools

Free online tools are alternatives for GIMP when needing to optimise your images for your woocommerce store.

Managing Orders 

Customer purchases

What to do when a customer order comes through!


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What we’re working on!

Collecting Emails

Get your customers subscribed on checkout & create an email database for future marketing.

Email Design

Customise your email designs that are sent to your customers to match your branding.