Top, recommended hosting provider – Siteground

Some people can get a little confused when it comes to hosting. Remember, Website Hosting is different to your Domain. I’m not going to get right into detail, but all you need to know is that a Website Host pretty much gets your website on the web, you could see it as the “Gateway”. Without a host, the world will not be able to access your website.

I strongly suggest picking a reliable host and here are my Top 4 most important points when choosing a Web Host:

  1. SUPPORT; this is VERY important. I look for hosts that give 24 hour, around the clock support including phone, chat and email. You also want to take notice on their timing; how long they reply to your email, how long it takes to connect on chat, how long you are on hold before they pick up the phone.
  2. Uptime; you want your website running 24/7 with little downtime.
  3. Cost; for a small business I know the struggles of budgeting so we want to make sure you choose the most affordable but reliable hosting service.
  4. Secuirty Certificate (SSL); is high reccommended if collecting information from your clients/customers. SSL Certs can come free or for extra cost

Obviously, there are a lot more things to look at depending on what type of website you are going to have. I strongly recommend Siteground, a hosting provider that I have used for a long time now. I have used other providers but Siteground is a service I am happy with. They are reliable and affordable starting as little as $4.50/month.

Click here to view more on Siteground or sign up for affordable, reliable hosting.