Creations inspired by Shane Ronan.

“Life is a game and the Universe is our playground.” – S.Ronan


Shane Andrew Ronan was a down right, solid legend who’s heart touched and inspired many. His ambition was to change the world for the good; to create and manifest love, laughter and fun in a world that is surrounded in so much stress, war and negativity. His challenge was to face every fear he felt within himself; to prove that each one of us have the potential to follow our dreams with our hearts and not be controlled by the fear created in our minds.

At such a young age of 25, Shane’s life had been taken in an unexpected accident that occurred while he was embracing in an activity he absolutely loved. Shane had left behind the most precious gift we will ever receive in a lifetime. A gift of realisation, openness and acceptance of life. A gift of self-love, inner-peace and devotion to yourself. A gift of harmony, connection and non-judgement to one another.

Each day Shane was devoted to change the world in some way, but now, that he is not here on this earth, as his soulmate, best friend & partner in crime, I owe it to him to continue to trickle his seeds of love into the world.

So here I am, continuing #RONANEMPIRE
Just for you Shane 🙂

Our loved ones are home; dancing, singing, flying, resting, with God in the beautiful heavens; whatever you may believe in… they are home, surrounded in unconditional joy.

We all miss you so much and keep you close to our hearts every moment of every day.

You are now a Guardian Angel <3