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Cockatours was a business my partner and I built from ground up which we sold in 2017 after losing Shane in a tragic accident. 

Cockatours offered off-road 14 day camping adventures to Cape York from Cairns in a 4WD Truck. Branding consisted of adventure, outdoors and freedom. 

Business name: was revolved around being playful but also having a relevant iconic meaning. The play on words with Cockatoo, an iconic parrot in Australia, had a great ring to it. 

Logo & colours: colours depict green for nature, orange for the sun. At the same time, this has much more meaning being mine and Shanes favourite colours. The orange circle around the cockatoo silhouette represents a sunrise, a true representation of our adventurous, nature thriving tours. 

Website design

Advanced, modernised, branded website with a built in event/tours booking system. Online payments are accepted along with on-page blog & gallery.

Unique Features:

Event Showcase

Unique display of upcoming events and tours showcasing pricing, special features, images etc. 

Form Attachments

Allows employment applicants to attach Resume’s through the website.


A neat, clean gallery to showcase accommodation,, facilities and the nursing home itself.