Please understand that we can only provide Email Configuration Settings to you. The way the emails are set up depends on the software or app you are using.

We can provide Email Set Up/Troubleshoot with Microsoft Outlook only at our hourly rate otherwise, you can follow our Free Tutorials or contact Microsoft Outlook Support.

The below tutorials are based on Outlook although you can use the same settings provided with other software. If further issues persist, your software support will need to be contacted to troubleshoot the issue. It is a good idea to take screen shots of errors.

Still having issues?


Check you are setting up IMAP

Does it say “Connect Exchange” at the top of your screen? Sometimes outlook automatically sets you email up as an Exchange Email Account. We need to change this to IMAP:


  1. Click on the question mark at the top right hand corner

2. Select Change Account Provider

3. Select IMAP


Now you can continue to set up your email.


Try Additional Settings

Try these additional settings which pinpoint the port numbers.

IMAP Host Name =

SMTP Host Name =

It’s important to have the colon (:) after your domain and before the port number.


Contact Support

  1. Contact our Support Centre (free support) contact details & pin provided to you
  2. Contact your software/program support team. In this instance, Microsoft Office Support (free support) can be contacted by click the Question Mark in the top right corner & selecting “Contact Support”. Leave a detailed message of the error and issue you are having
  3. Or we can provide our Email Set Up/Troubleshoot service at our hourly rate