Please understand that we can only provide Email Configuration Settings to you. The way the emails are set up depends on the software or app you are using.

We can provide Email Set Up/Troubleshoot with Microsoft Outlook only at our hourly rate otherwise, you can follow our Free Tutorials or contact Microsoft Outlook Support.

The below tutorials are based on Outlook although you can use the same settings provided with other software. If further issues persist, your software support will need to be contacted to troubleshoot the issue. It is a good idea to take screen shots of errors.


Step 1

Have your Configuration Settings by your side – these were provided by us


Step 2

Open Microsoft Outlook > File > Add Account

Enter your Email Address

Click Advanced Options > Let me set up my account manually

Click Connect


Step 3

Select IMAP

Enter your Settings

Incoming Server (these are provided to you)

Port: 993

Encryption Method – SSL/TLS

Outgoing Server (same as incoming server)

Port: 465

Encryption Method – SSL/TLS


Step 4 

Send a test email to and from your email account to ensure everything is working fine.


Having issues?

  1. Ensure your Password, Username etc are correct
  2. Try the additional Server Settings provided by us
  3. Contact our Support Centre (free support) contact details & pin provided to you
  4. Contact Microsoft Office Support (free support) or contact us for our additional service at our current rate

Want to set up your emails on your Mobile Phone?

See our Tutorial here.