A Savvy little freelancer

And here is my story…

I have lost count of the number of times people have asked me the question most of us are hounded with… “What do you want to do with your life? What career do you want for yourself?” I am lucky enough to have found my passion but some stories of happiness and inspiration come with tough lessons, heartbreak and realisations.

If you are here, reading My Story, you are here to get to know me a little better. Whether it is because you are keen on my services and products OR you’re just having a little stalk HA… either way, I welcome you! In My Story, I not only want to share my skills and experience, I would also like to hopefully shed some light in your life… even if it is in a very small way.

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Firstly, To my Soul Mate <3

I first want to devote this part to pay respects to my partner Shane Ronan who we heartbreakingly lost in 2017. Without Shane, I would not have the strength to be where I am today. He is the one reason why I am diving head first into following my passion.

Thank you for being my best friend, my loving partner, my teacher and a down right solid legend. I could say that at the age of 25, your life was taken too soon, but I’d be wrong because you are home now.

Love Becky xx

“Life is a dream walking. Death is going home.”

Our loved ones are home; dancing, singing, flying, resting… with God in the beautiful heavens; whatever you may believe in… they are home, surrounded in unconditional joy.

We all miss you so much Shane and keep you close to our hearts every moment of every day.

You are now a Guardian Angel <3

My home base

You will find me in a small little town i grew up in called Tully, found nestled within the rainforest, mountains, freshwater creeks and ocean of Tropical North Queensland. 

My mission

I aim to chase what sits close to my heart while inspiring others to do the same for themselves.

When we are happy and hold joy within ourselves, this energy will flourish creating a much more beautiful, peaceful and loving world.

No one is perfect, but we can always strive to be the best version of ourselves <3

Skills & Study

Business degree

Majoring in Events Sport Management & Communication Design

Completed in 2014 with James Cook University. Business knowledge, organisation, marketing skills & graphic design is every business owners’ favourite flavoured cheese cake!


With Mad Maggie Promotions

Involved in organising and assisting with a number of events including: Julia Creek Dirt N Dust Festival, The Best Butt Competition and the Not Too Old To Dance rock festival. 

Event Assistant

With Adventurethon

Assisted in organising off-road, multi-sport events held at different locations in Aus. Involved administration, registrations, marketing, graphic design, event planning, business planning etc.

biggest milestone – cockatours

At the age of 23, my partner Shane and I built our own business called Cockatours from ground up. Cockatours offered 14 day camping adventures from Cairns to Cape York (the Northen most Tip of Australia) in our 18 seater 4WD bus + camping trailer, catering for up to 14 passengers.

Together, we successfully ran three Cape York seasons while offering local day and personalised trips in the Tully area.

Cockatours was the lifestyle of our dreams. We worked hard, dedicated our energy and passion into growing our business.

After losing Shane at the end of 2017, I had let go of our dream we built together and now have found my new path in life.

To this day, Cockatours is now owned by a down right good bloke Rossy who we both went to school with. Shane, myself and all our friends and family support him all the way!

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